Air-Flow Therapy


The desire for a whiter, more attractive smile is a great motivation for keeping up with oral hygiene and periodontal maintenances. As we understand more about oral health, there are even more important reasons to schedule routine periodontal maintenances and deep cleanings.

Now, there is a faster, more comfortable, more effective way to improve the appearance and keep gum disease at bay: Air-Flow therapy.

Air-Flow removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations, and implants. Cleans and polishes in one single procedure:


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The Importance of Periodontal Cleaning

Almost everyone is susceptible to progressive diseases like Periodontitis. Biofilm, a naturally occurring bacteria, is a big part of the problem. When the thin, slick coating builds up over time, it sticks to surrounding surfaces and forms plaque. Even the most conscientious brushers and flossers battle biofilm.

The mouth is the first step in the digestive process. Neglecting oral health not only leads to bad breath, toothaches, cavities, and gum disease, but it is linked to a host of serious health conditions.
Maintaining routine gum cleanings is seminal in preventing a lot of the disease progression, and thanks to cutting-edge technology like Air-Flow therapy, the experience has never been more enjoyable and comfortable for almost all patients and their hygienists.



The Advantages of Air-Flow Therapy

Air-Flow therapy resolves a number of issues associated with conventional methods:

  • It uses a naturally occurring compound called erythritol. This powder is minimally abrasive and is safe for both soft and hard tissue.
  • Research has shown that erythritol is far more effective than powders of the past at inhibiting bacterial growth, reducing inflammation, and boosting bone growth.
  • Air-Flow therapy is completely safe for patients with dental implants and dental restorations.
  • Air-Flow therapy is warm and gentle. Patients need not worry about the pressurized stream damaging implants or restorative work.
  • The pressurized stream is highly controlled. The flexible tip on the hand-held device can reach deep down into periodontal pockets with no discomfort to the patient.
  • Once the Air-Flow stream breaks through the outer cell wall of bacteria beneath the gumline, the cell empties. The bacteria cannot reproduce.
  • Air-Flow therapy is significantly faster than traditional cleaning methods, which take anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds per tooth. Air-Flow takes around five seconds per tooth.
  • Erythritol grains are extra-fine. No one leaves the office with the irritating sensation of having swallowed a mouthful of sand.

Studies show noticeably improved oral health in patients who choose Air-Flow therapy. A whiter smile and a confidence boost are icing on the cake.

We are proud to provide this top of the line technology to our patients and community.  Get in touch with us for a consultation and to learn more about our Air-Flow Therapy treatments.

Combining Function And Beauty

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