Lloyd Nattkemper is simply the best, kindest, most intelligent periodontist I have ever used. I started having gum trouble at the age f 17. Having been to Lloyd for the last 10 years, now, at the at the age of 75, I have the best numbers, pocket wise, I have had in my lifetime. This is a result of multiple, successful, gentle, painless procedures which have restored healthy gums and allowed me to keep a full set of teeth. Lloyd 's professional, caring manner speaks of trust, honesty, and choices encouraged through involving the patient every step of the way. Yes, I would and have recommended him in a heartbeat

Wendy J.

Very thorough and thoughtful care.

Barry F.

Everybody was friendly, warm, and knew what the procedure was going to be. Started on time, informed all the way and feel fine. I love the relationship with the office and the quality of care. Their ability and willingness to partner with other local dentists is really helpful and I think provide me the right mix of talents.
Lloyd Nattkemper and Kelly were with me the entire time - Awesome. Two very talented professionals.

William F.

Very caring. The whole staff is professional, friendly, and with good humor. If you have to have periodontic treatment, this is the place.


Dr. Nattkemper is an outstanding professional, delightful tn patient rapport, and an interesting and admirable


Friendly, professional service, every time. :)

Joyce N.

Dr. Nattkemper has the gentlest touch of any dentist I've ever been to. The staff is friendly and everyone is very professional.


Debbie is very thorough in her approach to her cleaning technique. Also very good in providing
feedback in what techniques I can use to protect my dental health. As usual Dr. Nattkemper always keeps me appraised on how well I've been keeping up on my dental hygiene.

Reynald B.

Had an extraction yesterday and you will not find a more caring or professional practice than Dr. LLoyd has. Kellye is a real sweetheart that truly cares and makes the patient comfortable. Stacy I see every 3 months for cleanings and she makes it an enjoyable experience, and shes soo much fun to talk with and treats you like a life long friend. The office personnel are just as warm and friendly.
Trust me you will not find a better or better dental practice than this one.

Charles H.

Professional and personal at the same time. The environment is caring and thoughtful. Love Kelly and Dr. Nattkemper. I always feel well informed and that they set my expectations very close to the actual experience.

Barry F.

Professional and personal at the same time. The environment is caring and thoughtful. Love Kelly and Dr. Nattkemper. I always feel well informed and that they set my expectations very close to the actual experience.

Marjorie S.

Going to the Dentist is hard enough for me due to very traumatic past experiences, this was a visit made easy and a effort to help me not only relax but an understanding of my nervousness and tension. The staff was wonderful and Mr. Nattkemper was so helpful through a process that was uncomfortable for myself. Thank you to the entire office

Cathleen C.

Pleasant office, attentive staff and overall great experience.

Elizabeth M.


Sally L.

I look forward to seeing both my hygienist and Dr. Nattkemper. My hygienist is efficient and thorough, besides being a lovely lady, and the good doctor is always polite, informative and friendly.

Sasha S.

Stacy is one of the best hygienists there is, she makes cleaning appointments pleasant. All the staff members are great.

Charles H.

Great professional and caring service. Stacey rocks!

John P.

No waiting for appointment. Exceptionally clean office and friendly staff. Easy to work with and ask questions. Knowledgeable about current methods and practices for dental care.

Regina L.

Nothing more to say then excellent! Both Dr. Lloyd and is wonderful front desk crew.

Sally M.

Had extensive work done on my gums (Pinhole Surgery Technique). I was very satisfied with my treatment. I felt well prepared for my surgery - and everything went as I expected. Follow up has also been great. All-in-all a very good experience. I highly recommend Dr Nattkemper and his staff.

William M.

The office staff was very friendly. Dr. Nattkemper was on time for my appointment and very detailed regarding my future procedures. He was very professional and was kind enough to consult my other dentists to determine the right approach for my treatment.


i would like to say that my experience with stacey gets better and better. she seems to remember how sensitive it is for me to go through a cleaning and she must be treating many many people.
i trust her completely and i wouldn't know what i would do without dr. nattkemper for he has truly saved my teeth.
stacey and dr. nattkemper are the best team on the peninsula!
sincerely yours,

Mary Lu T.

I had a very comfortable and surprisingly enjoyable experience in my surgery at Dr. Nattkemper's office. It was obvious that they had everything under control while having a relaxed, professional, and compassionate demeanor with me as a patient. That staff works well together and that added to the experience in a big way. What was to be expected after my surgery was explained very well and I'm on my way to a quick recovery.

Holly A.

Everyone in the office is friendly & professional. Appointment time is always honored. And most of all, my dental health & comfort is a priority.

Dolores K.

I have been seeing Dr. Nattkemper for more than a decade. He and his staff are always professional, knowledgeable, fun and kind. Dr. Nattkemper maintains high levels of training and is always current with the most up to date treatments. I see Stacy to get my teeth cleaned. She is very attentive to my individual concerns and sensitivities and explains any concerns she has in a way I can understand it. If you are in need of dental surgery this is the office to call.

Margaret S.

Very informative first appointment. Very professional.

William M.

Lloyd and his staff are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Steve E.

It is always a pleasure to be treated special by your staff. They are all

Jean M.

Stacy is a superb hygienist. She makes an unpleasant procedure as comfortable as possible. Herb Reiman

Herbert R.

Very gentle Doctor concerned on how I was feeling also called the next day to check up on me. I would recommend Dr. Lloyd Nattkemper to anyone needing his expertise in dentistry.

Priscilla S.

Debbie was great! I shamefully admit I wanted to cancel the cleaning appointment. Luckily for me, I bit my knuckles and kept it. She briefly explained what she was going to to before she began. She frequently checked with me on whether I felt pain or was uncomfortable. Her voice and professionalism was soothing for a scared chickens like me. Debbie was most gentle as she cleaned my teeth. Though Dr. Nettkemper remains my better than #1, Debbie is just behind the heels of his feet on my best of the best list. Thank you all for making my visit such a good one! Shirley

Shirley P.

I love having Debbi clean my teeth- she does such a great job! I look forward to my appointments with her.

Elizabeth C.

Very caring and excellent professional with his patient , making sure his patients are comfortable prior to treatment. I highly recommend DrNattkemper for patients needing periodontal needs.

Perla P.

Lloyd you and Debbie are Awesome. I'm happy that over 10 years ago, I found a Dental Office with such a Compassionate, Caring, Thoughtful group of people who take care of me.

Frederick S.

The Best; Thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, professional. Nuff Said?

Ephran Y.

Thank you for asking how my experience was at my appointment. Gosh, where do I start? Okay, at the front desk. All nice folks-professional, helpful, competent. Debbie performed my cleaning. She gets a 50 out of 10, way above the best of the best. She's competent, knowledgeable, friendly, accurate, does excellent work and style, the whole works. She doesn't forget my comments to tell "Dr. Lloyd", (as I call him), whereas, I do forget! Good job! She doesn't forget to ask if I need a toothbrush/products, (which I do need but would have forgotten otherwise). She does everything with care. I can't say enough good things! Same for Dr. "Lloyd"-professional, competent, friendly, (nice "bedside manner"), down to earth, pays attention to everything. Gives me accurate and helpful advice when I ask. Is laid-back, (meaning unassuming). Has all the qualities I admire. That goes for my whole experience of the office, all the staff I've encountered-everything included!

Holly G.

As usual a very pleasant visit. The staff here is so friendly, caring and professional. Stacey is probabably the best hygienist I have ever encountered. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for Dr. Nattkemper and his staff.

Charles H.

Although I was there for a not so happy a reason,the Dr. managed to make it positive. I was very pleased.

Patricia B.

As usual, my experience with Dr. Natkemper and his staff was excellent. A difficult procedure went well with no post op. pain or complaints. Staff were professional and responsive to my questions. Couldn't be happier . Thank you Dr. Natkemper and staff. 5 stars for sure!!

Pat W.

Always pleasant, thorough and professional, Dr Natkemper and his staff are a pleasure to deal with. He has helped me keep all my 73 year old teeth. What more can I say...

Pat W.

Always pleasant, thorough and professional, Dr Natkemper and his staff are a pleasure to deal with. He has helped me keep all my 73 year old teeth. What more can I say...

John P.

On time , friendly, good results

Tim F.

same as always , pleasant, fun, laughs

Sam G.

I felt very good about the procedure. No pain and lots of TLC

Barbara L.

As good as it gets in a dental office.

Jeffrey P.